About Wrightson Wood

Wrightson Wood is an Executive Search and HR Services company established in 1978. Our primary focus has been to build partnerships with organisations in the retail finance, payments, insurance and corporate banking sectors. We have established a position as a quality boutique capable of offering an alternative to major brands when placing senior and board room executives.

Over the years we have placed senior executives, built management teams and advised clients’ organisations on many aspects of their strategic HR initiatives. Core to our approach is a client focused methodology which looks to understand the operating environment, the strategy and corporate goals, so as to build bespoke solutions with the right blend of services.

As the Financial Services industry has evolved, so has Wrightson Wood, covering the sectors of Technology and Professional Services to support its clients through the full life cycle of building agile and customer centric business models. We continue to integrate the talent and leadership vital for our clients’ growth.


Services Offered

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